没向竹屿村里交一分钱 圈7亩地收租25年Not to pay a penny in the village bamboo lantau circle 7 mu of land rent incomes for 25 years




Some of the 5000 square meters land rent incomes 25 years, but have never ever make rent to the village. Choose to make a branch fuzhou comments penalty, but they haven’t been executed.

JinAnOu YueFeng town is located in the village of bamboo lantau < a href = "http://www.fjzyc.com/47.html" > < / a > carambola ping plot, see two meters high fence around a piece of seven acres (5000 square meters) of land, the inside of the waste into the hills of shape, and a few simple a warehouse, a building on the south side of two layer buildings, all around with the probe.

More than 20 years ago in here for three cover work his way up between pig raising pigs, then the pig is kept, but site continues to expand, to 2002 years to expand the scale of this now. Work his way up to lease space, warehouse profit, but never ever make rent to the village.

To this, the son of work his way up, says his mother is housed in 1985 to build, and was a clearing housing area of total 2.43 mu (about 1618 square meters), pig built for 25 years, the village committee never put forward and rent right.

CunZhuRen Chen poem openly, and work his way up the private accounts for this plot and harm the village collective interests. The village committee on 17 November posted notices, request the deadline to the village committee Chen gold explained the situation, or will the power off the water. Villagers say they repeatedly to the relevant departments to reflect, but all have no result.

Vice ZhiDuiChang said Chen fuzhou land bureau, in June of last year, a branch of comments on the administrative penalty. If not perform the administrative punishment, branches may apply to the court for compulsory execution.

Fuzhou branch, choose and supervisory ChenKeChang response comments, in June of last year they do make administrative penalty, shall be ordered to work his way up to remove the illegal structures, but there has been no execution work his way up. For more than 40 cases before enforcement case is still not implemented in place, so the case also gold Chen didn’t sent to court.

Lawyer saying

The village committee can be sued for display field

Fujian law firm CengFuXin lawyer Raymond, said the “constitution” regulation, land in the rural and suburban areas, except otherwise provided for by the state of all outside, belongs to the collective. Plots of cropland and hilly land and also belong to the collective. Chen gold and villagers if no poem to sign a contract, also not to land bureau, to keep the collective land occupied, above the houses of the building belongs to illegal structures. The village committee to the court for display field, the court and homeland department can be recovered Chen poem gold occupation of land the illegal income.

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