鹤林新城拆迁户被开发商欺骗的房源纠纷New Lin site developers by crane cheat homes disputes

诉求编号 09071800014
诉求标题 鹤林新城拆迁户被开发商欺骗请相关领导主持公道
诉求内容 看附件拆迁户联名写的报告:开发商负责人所述大意如下:(原先书面承诺的房源现在被其它项目拿走了,就只有这些房源给你们到2009年07月20号如果你们不要就当你们丢权了,这些房子你们要不要看着办)“拆迁户们深感无助请相关领导主持公道”。

转办意见 福州市信访局 1、请 福州市城乡建设委员会,福州市住房保障和房产管理局 在2009-7-31 23:59 前回复。 (2009-7-18 11:15)
2、请 福州市住宅发展中心 在2009-8-11 17:26 前回复。 (2009-7-28 17:26)

回复意见 09071800014
(福州市住房保障和房产管理局于2009-7-23 17:10回复)
您好!有关保障性住房的问题,住宅发展中心为建设单位,建议转其处理。(福州市城乡建设委员会于2009-7-27 16:15回复)
林烽:您好!鹤林新城房源按照福州市社会保障房协调办公室计划安排对接销售,已分别卖给市土地发展中心、鼓楼区、台江区各一部分用于拆迁安置,这三个单位购买了房源后如何安排使用,我们完全不能干预,请您按照拆迁安置协议与相关拆迁部门协调。谢谢!(福州市住宅发展中心于2009-8-4 09:35回复)
诉 求 人 林烽 截止日期 2009-8-11 17:26
诉求时间 2009-7-18 01:32 事件地点 鹤林新城
已发表评论 [不满意]2009-7-30 15:45
[很差]2009-7-25 14:35
New Lin site developers by crane cheat please relevant leaders delivering justice

Appeal Numbers 09071800014

Appeal crane for new city by title site developers deceive please relevant leaders delivering justice

Contents see attachment appeal site joint wrote the report: developers stated as follows: (the director had written promise homes are now other project took away, only these houses to you to jul 2009 20, if you don’t just when you lose the right, you don’t look at the house to do) “the site was helpless related leaders please delivering justice”.

Accessories: 01-32-40-SP_A0004. JPG

The circumstances of fuzhou letters 1, please opinion fuzhou urban and rural construction committee, fuzhou housing safeguard and the housing authority in the 2009-7-31 23:59 reply before. (the 2009-7-18 11:15)

2, please fuzhou residential development center in 2009-8-11 before in the reply. (in 2009-7-28)


Leadership instruction

Area (city) county

Leadership instruction

Revert suggestion 09071800014

The crane Lin new town houses are mainly used as three alleys and seven lanes, macau road west area, the old house reconstruction mountain scenic area reconstruction in the resettlement project’s use, therefore, the new town houses crane Lin is by the government according to the project’s demolition of the actual need for overall arrangement, there is no special bad homes as a project use problem.

(fuzhou housing safeguard and real estate administration in the 2009-7-23 17:10 reply)

How do you do! About the problem of affordable housing, the housing development center for the construction unit, the proposal with his turn. (fuzhou urban and rural construction committee in the 2009-7-27 surely reply)

LinFeng: hello! According to the new town houses in fuzhou crane for social security coordination office room arrangement docking sales, has sold the land development respectively, TaiJiang area’s center, each part of the used for relocation, the three unit purchased after homes how to arrange for use, we simply cannot intervention, please according relocation agreement with the related departments the coordination. Thank you! (fuzhou residential development center in the 2009-8-4 09:35 reply)

V. for people LinFeng deadline in 2009-8-11

The 2009-7-18 event sites 01:32 appeal time crane for new city

Already comment [with] so 2009-7-30

And please related units to help the son. We just want to back to their original this belongs to our houses. Developers can’t says to change, and we’ll all have no.

[bad] and 2009-7-25

Why had to sign an agreement is 22 #, # 27, 28 #, 29 # homes, to even told us today didn’t say will provide other bad homes to us, some house black shout can’t see see.





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